Steak and Onion Sandwich

About Big John Steak & Onion

Big John Steak & Onion has been a Flint Tradition since 1972! We currently have 16 locations in Mid-Michigan. Our specialty is a fresh grilled Steak & Onion Sub. We use 100% Ribeye Steak thinly sliced, grilled with or without onions, seasoned to perfection and piled on a fresh baked Italian Sub Roll.

John E. Klobucar opened his first Big John Steak & Onion Restaurant on South Dort Highway in Flint, Michigan. "Big" John had been in the Restaurant business for many years when he came across the idea to open the sub shops. He wanted an open kitchen where his customers could watch the steak sizzling on the grill. He always gave his hard working customers a generous portion of Steak so they never left hungry. At first he started with a limited menu consisting of the Original Steak & Onion Sub, a Koegel, Italian and a Ham & Cheese Sub. Today, there are many more varieties to choose from.

John Klobucar